Birds from European countries in the collections of the National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:J. Mlíkovský
Journal:Journal of the National Museum (Prague), Natural History Series
Start Page:63
Type of Article:
Keywords:Bird skins and mounts, collectors, Europe, history

The National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, possesses ca. 9500 skins and mounts of European birds, including those from the Czech Republic (7000), other countries of continental Europe (2100), Mediterranean islands (250) and northern islands (150). A list of 25 specimen sets obtained from European countries (except Czech Republic) is presented. Earliest specimens originated from Christoph Fellner von Feldegg’s soujourn in southern Dalmatia about 1830, and Antonín Frič’s expedition to Vojvodina in 1852.

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