Znovuobjevení dvou Fričových originálů "mořských plazů" z české křídy

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:B. Ekrt, Radoň, M., Dvořák, P.
Journal:Zprávy o geologických výzkumech v roce 2011/C - Paleontologie
Start Page:117
Type of Article:© Česká geologická služba, 2006. http://www.geology.cz/zpravy/obsah/2011
Keywords:Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Cretaceous, Late Turonian, originals, Plesiosauria

Two rediscovered Frič's originals of Cretaceous "marine reptiles" are reported here. The first described by Frič 1889a, p. 59; Frič 1889b, p. 63; Fritsch 1905, p. 5; Fritsch in Fritsch - Bayer 1905, p. 28, fig. 29 and the second Fritsch 1906, pp. 3-6, figs 3 and 4. Later the specimens were revided by Bayer (1914) and after that the place of storage was unknown. At the beginning of 21st century the first was recovered in the Regional museum in Teplice and the second in the Regional museum in Most. Both specimens come from the vicinity of Hudcov and Lahošť villages. Based on lithology of surrounding sediment, the probable stratigraphic level of findings corresponds to the "Hudcov Limestone" of the lower part of the Teplice Formation (Late Turonian). Due to the fragmentary preservation, the determination of the specimens is unpossible and recently can be classified only to the order Plesiosauria.

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