Ingodite from the Jakub Mine, Kasejovice, Czech Republic

Publication Type:Conference Proceedings
Year of Conference:2013
Authors:J. Soumar, Sejkora, J., Litochleb, J.
Conference Name:12th Biennial SGA Meeting - Mineral deposit research for a high-tech world
Publisher:Society for Geology applied to Mineral Deposits
Conference Location:Uppsala, Sweden
Keywords:Bohemian Massif, Ingodite, Kasejovice, orogenic gold deposit, zoning

Research focused on the Bi-Te-S phases present in samples from the Jakub mine, Kasejovice, Czech Republic (49°28'10"N 13°42'54"E), an abandoned mine in an orogenic gold deposit, was performed. Presence of previously reported sulpho-tellurides (Litochleb 1998) was confirmed and zoning was observed in the ingodite grains. No similar zoning was observed in ingodite from the locality has been reported in the literature so far. 

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