Lactarius taxa by Zdeněk Schaefer – types and other collections in PRM

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:J. Holec, Pešicová, K., Edrová, L.
Start Page:157
Keywords:Basidiomycota, Europe, nomenclature, Russulales, taxonomy

Extant PRM herbarium vouchers of Lactarius taxa described, validated, or neotypified by Zdeněk Schaefer are enumerated and discussed. For each taxon, the holotype, paratypes, other original materials, and later collected specimens identified or revised by Schaefer are cited. The nomenclatural status of each taxon is evaluated and information from published revisions/discussions is summarized. These data provide a basis both for thorough revisions by classical and molecular methods and for future lecto- or neotypifications. Such revisions are encouraged because some of Schaefer’s taxa (e.g., L. albocremeus) may represent good species while others should clearly be synonymized with earlier published taxa. Currently accepted taxa are L. pilatii and L. bertillonii (≡ Lactifluus bertillonii).

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